SDE 21- Wuppertal

Solar Decathlon is the world's most significant international, innovational, university competition today. The first Solar Decathlon competition was held in 2002 in Washington at the initiative of the United States Department of Energy. Since then, it has been touring the world every two years. Building on the creativity and innovative capacity of young people, the basic aim of the initiation is that university researchers to work with industry partners, sponsors and to design innovative, energy-efficient houses that can be sample-homes for sustainability, based on renewable energy and resource use. In 2021, the competition will be held in Wuppertal, where among the 18 international teams, the creative student team of University of Pécs represents Hungary.

Re Gardened Blocks Project

The competition project of the "Lungs of the City" team of University of Pécs is the RGB, the Re Gardened Blocks Project. Our research draws attention to the increasingly strong effects of urbanization and, within that, to the problems of downtowns in Hungary. In a downtown area with a strictly closed building constructions, the residential and service blocks built on the streets, are completely close the area they border. Streets are often "living spaces" bordered by lifeless walls and pavements without green vegetation or natural environment. At the same time, the energy-wasting and polluting operation of architecture, that makes up the spatial walls, further exacerbates the chances of a liveable city. The lack of public parks is also a common problem of ensuring healthy urban living areas. As if we would be separated away from our own lungs!

Enthusiastic members of the "Lungs of the City" team at University of Pécs, set themselves the goal of re-creating the idea of the ​​breathable environment-positive architecture.

"Nature is not a place to visit, it's our home" Gary Snyder

The Re Gardened Blocks Project aims to implement a sample-program that focuses on a conscious green society, a healthy urban environment, and the architectural way to use renewable energy and negative emission technologies.

RGB project = + green energy / - emission



Lungs of the City - Solar Decathlon Europe 2021
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